Develop A Concrete Business Plan

All It Takes, Is A Plan.

Even the greatest product or service won't sell itself. In this class that is ideal for startup founders and small business owners, you’ll find out how to define your business's purpose, identify a problem to solve, utilize different types of marketing channels, implement a sales plan, increase engagement with your customer base, and put in place basic business automations and bookkeeping.

  • Define the problem your business solves..
  • Find who has this problem.
  • Conduct market research to get to know everything about that audience, your competition and the space.
  • Create a lane for yourself, and position yourself to fill a new need, not compete with others.

We walk you through creating your business plan.

We walk you through developing a marketing plan.

We teach you how to use a sales plan and practice it with you until you are comfortable.

We then help you break down finances and begin financial forecasting.

We analyze every fixed cost, every margin, and map out what your goals look like.

Once all of this is done we set up your accounting, get you a business phone line, a physical address if you don't currently have one, and a branded email.

We strive to send everyone off with a strategic plan they can implement right away. Our staff trains you on how to optimize your strategy to not only compete but WIN!

To best prepare for this workshop, please bring a laptop and a notebook/pen. If you want to build your online presence and social media profiles, please have those accounts set up beforehand.

The course is 3 part.

Next Series Dates: June 16, June 24th, June 30th

Course Outcomes (Guided Curation):

  • Business Plan
  • Financial Forecast
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Accounting Set Up
  • Business Phone Set Up
  • Physical Address Set Up
  • Branded Email